Company Description

United Freight Services LLC is a minority owned freight transportation and logistics company based in Stuart, Florida. Our mission is to provide a competitive advantage in the logistics industry. With freight and auto transportation services, as well as warehousing and distribution; United Freight Services LLC can handle all of your company’s shipping needs with upmost care and precision. United Freight Services LLC drivers are highly qualified professionals who have the skills to take on any type of shipment with ease. United Freight Services LLC has been operating transportation services since 2018. Our standards are continuously upheld and increased year after year so that we can offer you the best service available. United Freight Services LLC offers “Total Logistic Solutions”, leveraging an integrated network of trucking lines, warehouses and customer distribution centers across the contiguous United States. The United Freight Services LLC transportation management technology, coupled with our state-of-the-art dispatch system, provides the best optimization of fleet resources, directly resulting in predictable freight cost and on schedule delivery. From top-notch service to competitive rates, we are confident that United Freight Services LLC will exceed your expectations.

Company Snapshot

United Freight Services LLC
DOT: 3536399 MC: 1179142

Naics Codes

484121, 484230, 484110,
484122, 484220

Point of Contact

Jermaine Graves
Operating Manager & Founder
Phone Number
772 634-4691 772 634-5881
Email Address



Business Address

2658 SE Willoughby Blvd, Stuart, FL 34994

Core Competencies

  • Logistics, management and consulting
  • Loading and off-loading transportation solutions provider
  • GPS Services on all equipment
  • Warehousing
  • In transit Update Reports
  • Intermodel services


  • Providing 100% full transparency and dedicated solutions.
  • World leading warehouse management systems which helps staff & drivers to deliver in line with customers' goals.
  • Experienced and diverse team members.
  • Industry leading customer service.
  • Providing high-quality service at affordable rates.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Past Performance