Warehousing and distribution services

We have facilities that provide our clients with storage, distribution, warehouse services, cross-docking, and other related services. Our team manages your supply chain and allows you to focus on other business areas.

Expedite shipping and dispatching

Our shipping and dispatch services are second to none. We know that moving cargo can be stressful; we offer 24/7 dispatch services to provide you with updates whenever you need them.


Intermodal is the long-haul movement of shipping containers via rail combined with a truck leg on one or both ends. Intermodal allows railroads, ocean carriers, trucking companies, and intermodal clients to utilize the best attributes of land transportation modes with efficient and cost-effective overall freight movement. Our in- depth knowledge of the railway network will ensure your freight ships are on time with the best possible rates.

Less-than-truckload and Truckload

We offer both LTL and FTL at United Freight Services LLC. Full truckload transport service (FTL) is recommended for large and heavy loads, while Less than truckload (LTL) is the best for smaller loads. Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing you with a wide range of trucking services and options.